An Efficient Filing System that Saves Cost and Improves Productivity.
  A comprehensive ID card designing software suitable for  corporate houses, educational institutes, security service agencies, clubs, libraries, vaults, and any other applications requiring low to high volume issuance of photo ID cards.
  Signature storage and retrieval software for banks, financial institutes and other applications requiring visual signature verification.
  Control your Internet Traffic and Protect your Internet Gateway from unknown computers on Web.

Card-X is an ID Card designing software suitable for Corporate Houses, Educational Institutes, Placement Cells, Security Service Agencies, Clubs, Libraries, Vaults, Sales Offices, etc.
  • Provides an affordable solution for medium and high volume issuance of ID Cards.
  • User can design and layout the "template" of the ID Cards and can put text labels (with any font & size), pictures, shapes, etc. into the template.
  • Useful for corporate houses.
  • Useful for educational institutes and placement cells for printing photo ID cards, admit cards, acknowledgement cards and certificates.
  • Save time and Effort
    • Now you don't have to rely on third party to get your ID cards done. With Card-X you can print even a single card when required, so you don't have to wait for a bulk to place your order.
Salient Features:
  • User definable ID sizes in Centimeters, Millimeters or Inches
  • Support ID Background Image
  • Fixed Text Labels
    • Select Font and Size
    • Support Background Colour
  • Variable Text Labels
    • Select Font and Size selection
    • Link with Access Table Text Column
    • Support Text Alignment (Left, Right and Centre)
    • Support Text Wrap
    • Support Background Colour
  • Rotate Text
    • 90, 180 or 270
  • Logo
    • Link with picture on disk
  • Variable Picture
    • Link with Access Table Picture (Binary) Column
  • Support Frame
  • Support Line
  • In-built support to create Access Database
  • Option to Import data from CSV file into a Table
  • Use Update template to enter data in Access Table
  • Option to Export Pictures from a Table
  • Option to Import Pictures into a Table. Supports standard BMP, GIF and JPG formats
  • SQL Interface for Printing Selected IDs
  • Support TWAIN compliant scanners to input pictures (in BMP format) into the Access Table