An Efficient Filing System that Saves Cost and Improves Productivity.
  A comprehensive ID card designing software suitable for  corporate houses, educational institutes, security service agencies, clubs, libraries, vaults, and any other applications requiring low to high volume issuance of photo ID cards.
  Signature storage and retrieval software for banks, financial institutes and other applications requiring visual signature verification.
  Control your Internet Traffic and Protect your Internet Gateway from unknown computers on Web.


What is Electronic Document Management ?

Electronic Document Management is the process whereby all documents, paper and electronic, within an organization are filed, categorized, tracked, and retrieved electronically.


Why Should One Invest in Electronic Document Management System ?

Consider some facts about the cost of document management in a Paper Chase System:

  • Professionals spend 5-15% of their time reading information, but upto 50% looking for it.
  • 90% of corporate memory exists on paper and / or staff computer.
  • Staff wastes approximately 30-40% of their time searching for a document.
  • Files contain only paper records does not contain complete correspondence. Documents created using Word, Excel, etc. are exchanged between people but often not printed and filed.
  • Of all the pages that get handled each day in the average office are merely shuffled.
  • 7.5% documents get lost, 3% of reminder get misfiled.
  • Companies spend approximately Rs. 20 in labour to file a documents, Rs. 120 in labour to find a misfiled document and Rs. 220 in labour to reproduce a lost document.
  • On an average paper document are growing at the rate of 22% or more per year.
  • Limited, one user-at-a-time access.
  • Costly, time consuming replication / backup.
  • Number of trips one makes to copier, printer and fax machine.

Whereas Electronic Document Management system provides:

  • Office, which is organized and free of paper flab.
  • Saving in real estate space.
  • Saves on paper and stationery costs by online distribution of documents.
  • Better movement of and access to business (paper and electronic Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) documents.
  • 24x7 secure access to documents
  • Improved productivity as the amount of time spent searching for and recreating data is dramatically reduced.
  • Multiple simultaneous viewers.
  • Decreases in human filing mistakes.
  • Searchable database for case studies, research analysis.
  • Instant, inexpensive replication / backup.


How Electronic Document Management System is useful in Knowledge Management?

Knowledge is information one possesses, understand and recall at will.

An organization memory and knowledge is in the form of memos, correspondence, emails, technical documents, research data, presentations, financial statements, and marketing collateral.

Electronic Document Management System brings all your documents, paper or digital, together into a common easily accessible, easily searchable knowledgebase.


Application Areas:

  • Finance Documents
    • Financial Documents for banks
    • Cancelled Cheques
    • Directors' ID Proofs
    • Agreements
    • Collaboration Agreements
  • Land Records
  • Registration Documents
  • Engineering Drawings
    • Design Documents
    • Old Paper Drawings
    • 3rd Party or Outside Agency Drawings
    • Quality Assurance Department
    • Quality Control Department
    • Specification Control Department
  • Purchase and Accounting Documents
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Tender Documents
  • Human Resource Department
    • Employee Records
  • Municipal Corporations and Utility Documents
    • Building Plan Sanctions
    • Sewage, Cable, Block and Road Layouts
  • Libraries
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Medical Records
  • Insurance Documents
  • Leasing Documents
  • Legal Documents


Doc-X - Document Management Made Easy

Doc-X lets you get simple but powerful document management once only available to the largest corporations. With Doc-X you can store and retrieve all your documents, paper and digital, in a single universal repository.

  • Create eRecordRoom

    Doc-X uses Record Room, Cabinets, Drawers, Folders Documents metaphor to help you organize your document library.

    This reflects the way information is stored throughout in an organization: each Department to have its own Record Room that contains Cabinets with Drawers inside. Allows user to give meaningful labels to each Record Room, Cabinet and Drawer.

  • Setup Document Pointer

    Setup documents' default storage location. This would guide filing staff to file documents in the right folder of a drawer in cabinet.

  • Setup Stamps

    Setup "rubber stamp" and choose stamp colour. For example, BOOKING FORM, MEDICAL LEGAL CASE, COURT ORDER, LITIGATION, etc.

  • User Access Control

    Create Users and Group them under different functional groups. Grant rights to a group on Record Room, Cabinet, Drawer or Folder.

    Allows disabling a user profile that is no longer working with the organization to avoid misuse of those profiles.

  • Setup Subjects

    Create record room wise standard subjects. This ensures data accuracy and also speeds up filing of documents.

  • Setup Bookmarks

    Create standard bookmarks by record room. This ensures data accuracy and speeds up document filing.

  • eFiling Documents

    This lets you combine paper documents with electronic documents - giving you access to all your intellectual assets at once.

    Allows to file set of paper pages and electronic documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) under a subject. This would serve as an index to the folder.

    Allows adding new page, inserting a page, replacing and deleting an existing page.

    Allows linking a page with pages inside the same or different folders. This helps in quickly going through a complete correspondence.

    Allows adding pages in batches for optimum utilization of time and resources.

    Allows putting up to 3 stamps, in a user selectable colour, on a folder.

    Allows putting up to 3 stamps on each document that is filed in a folder.

    Add noting on each document that is filed in a folder.

    Bookmark a page.

    Annotation Support: annotate text, use highlighter and draw rectangle on scanned documents.

  • To-do List

    Enter 'To Do' list and assign it to a user who is responsible for doing it. To do list optionally can be attached to a folder.

  • Contact List

    Enter business card details, and find contact details at ease.

  • Retrieving Documents

    Storing documents efficiently is great, but the real benefit of a document management system is evident when you go to find and retrieve documents. Doc-X uses both indexed text and attribute information to allow you to quickly locate any document.

    The indexed text search lets you do an "Internet Style" text search on folder name, subject and noting, for a document. Combine indexed text with attributes (eg. folder date, document date, file name, bookmark, stamp, etc.) searches.

    Once a document you are looking for is retrieved, you can view all the pages of the folder in which that document is filed.

    Supports standard image operations such as Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Contrast, Rotate, Invert, Flip, Mirror and Negative.

    You can e-mail a document as an attachment. Doc-X creates a zip file of selected pages before sending an e-mail.

    Allows printing of a document.

  • Maintenance

    Simple but powerful options are available to maintain voluminous record rooms.

    Start with available disk space and add higher disk capacity as the volume increases. Users continue to file and retrieve documents without knowing any changes carried out.

    Files that have become old and are not required online, can be archived and stored off-line. However, Doc-X continues to maintain archived files' attributes online to include those files in search criteria.