An Efficient Filing System that Saves Cost and Improves Productivity.
  A comprehensive ID card designing software suitable for  corporate houses, educational institutes, security service agencies, clubs, libraries, vaults, and any other applications requiring low to high volume issuance of photo ID cards.
  Signature storage and retrieval software for banks, financial institutes and other applications requiring visual signature verification.
  Control your Internet Traffic and Protect your Internet Gateway from unknown computers on Web.

Sentry - Restrict Internet Access Get it from CNET! your free 15-day evaluation Sentry.
Satisfaction of having the broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable, etc.) wilt within few days because:
  • Legitimate Internet users start complaining of speed
  • Others start browsing Internet at a time when they are supposed to be doing their work.
  • Always on, makes your Internet Gateway vulnerable to viruses and hackers.
Sentry allows you to:
  • Restrict access to Internet as per your need.
  • Decide time for users to browse Internet or download emails.
  • Protect your Internet Gateway from unknown computers on the web.
  • Monitor bandwidth usage. Displays amount of data sent, received, transmission errors, and the percent of its data capacity sent or received.
  • Minimize Internet Gateway Downtime and System Crashes. Displays active connections on all ports and map the ports in use to their respective applications. Useful to secure your Internet Gateway (Computer having Internet Connection) from unknown viruses, trojans and malicious programs.
  • Speedup Internet browsing. A lot of web pages today refer to URLs of other web sites for advertisements and web tracking, and as a result browsing lows down waiting for them to complete. Sentry listens to DNS lookups and displays information in a simpler way, and allows you to block these puts or put in windows "hosts" file. This speedups browsing for such web sites.
  • View statistics for network protocols: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Internet Protocol (IP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).
  • Ping to a web site to check whether a web site is live.
  • Monitor performance of a web site. Trace route between your computer and a site. That is , determine the number of hops to the destination site.
  • Uses Windows XP / 2000 built-in ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to allow other network users to access Internet. No need to install a Proxy Server.