In House E-Mail Server

E-Mail Server will be configured to provide the following capabilities.

  • No need for fulltime Internet access:
  •   You do not need a 24x7 web server just for email services. Email server we install can send / receive mails to / from the Internet in batch mode using automated dialup or ADSL connections.
  • Support for POP3 / IMAP and Webmail access:
  •   You can set up Web mail services like Yahoo or Hotmail as well as conventional mail services using mail clients like Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.
  • Receiving Internet mail through common email address:
  •   You can setup a common catchall email account hosted on your website for receiving mail for your entire organisation without setting up individual POP accounts for everyone. Mail for is collected in a common account on your website or an account with any ISP (e.g. People in your organisation still have an individual email addresses like and Your in-house Linux server retrieves mail periodically from the catchall account and then automatically distributes mail to the actual intended recipients based on the original “To” address in the email.
  • Monitoring:
  •   Monitor emails that go through your mail server. Copies of mail with specified content / subject / sender / recipients can be sent to specified recipients or stored separately for monitoring purposes.
  • Archiving / Backup:
  •   Archiving and backup of ALL mail messages or selected mail messages based on date / month can be done automatically.
  • Blocking:
  •   Mail messages can be blocked altogether based on content, size, recipient and sender.
  • Setting-up of Special Email Accounts:
  •   General-purpose e-mail addresses like,,, etc can be linked to specific people for redirecting mail. Standard acknowledgement messages can be setup for automatic acknowledgement on receiving mail for any such account.
  • Virus Scanning:
  •   Automatic virus scanning of all incoming mails including attachments can be done at the server itself. Infected mail messages are blocked and stored separately. Messages are sent to the recipient, sender and administrator to inform them about infected messages. Automatic updates of virus scanner software are done at a user-defined frequency to keep your system secure and safe. However in the prevailing circumstances, we can’t guarantee of 100% Virus Protection. Since it is not possible for any provider.
  • Spam blocking and cleaning:
  •   An intelligent spam filter using Bayesian algorithms is used to detect and block spam messages at the server itself. Very high accuracy of detection is achieved without losing any useful messages. Detection is done on the basis of message content rather than the conventional sender addresses.
  • User Quotas:
  •   User level quotas can be defined for controlling disk storage requirements.
  • Mailing Lists:
  •   Mailing groups / lists can be defined for quick mailing of common messages.
  • Multiple Domains:
  •   Single server can handle mail for multiple domains like,, etc.
  • Browse Control:
  •   Browse control allows total control on what your users are browsing. Features include:
  • Cache for improved browsing speeds
  • Timing restrictions for web access – per user and / or user groups
  • Site restrictions – based on domains, URLs, ip address, wild-card expressions
  • Access control – based on workstation, password, user-id.
  • Content blocking based on URLs, words, phrases, ip addresses
  • Download control based on file name extensions
  • Virus scanning of all contents before the user sees / download them
  • Upload control – to prevent leakage of sensitive data files
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